Welcoming People with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families: A Practical Guide for Congregations

by Courtney E. Taylor, Erik W. Carter, and others. Disabilities, Religion, and Spirituality Program of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.
Large welcoming people developmental disabilities

This short booklet contains helpful information and pratical strategies to aid congregations in various aspects of including people with disabilities and their families.

Offerings: disability awareness in the congregation, supporting parents and families, adaptive religious education programming, inclusive worship, physical accessibility, list of strategies, reading list, list of online resources

Best For: clergy and lay leaders of any faith tradition

Cost: download as a free PDF

Suggested Uses:

  • Provide support for families and caregivers by studying the relevant section in this resource.
  • Explore additional topics related to inclusivity and providing for people with disabilties by exploring the reading list for more information.

Curator Curated by Wendy McCormick

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