What is the Missional Church? A Brief Introduction

by Bill Reinhold. Presbytery of Coastal Carolina. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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If you or your congregational members or leaders are wondering what being a “missional church” means, this introductory article by Presbyterian denominational leader and former pastor Bill Reinhold will answer your questions. Reinhold first offers a brief history of the missional church movement, and among other things, discusses the rationale of some authors and theologians who are proponents of the movement. Reinhold’s scriptural work includes material about the early church as recorded in Acts, and explores the relationship between the early and the contemporary church. Reinhold also identifies characteristics of the missional church, such as prayerful decision-making and a focus on outreach. These offer congregational leaders items for reflection, whether to evaluate their own perspective or their understanding of the church’s purpose and mission. Lastly, a brief bibliography of resources for further exploration is available. Reinhold’s perspective is Christian.