What We Love About the Black Church: Can We Get a Witness?

by William H. Crouch Jr., Joel C. Gregory. Judson Press, 2010.

William Crouch and Joel Gregory are long-serving white pastors of Black Churches. This delightful book is their offering to attempt to “flip the script” on the sometimes patronizing attitude of Christians about the style, ministry and methods of Black church. The book’s style is instructive and original. Each chapter has a section by the authors and then leading Black clergy contribute responses and affirmations. Chapter topics are those the authors have come to particularly appreciate about the ministry of Black Churches. They include preaching, encouragement, light and laughter, freedom of expression, sturdy bridges, the power of touch, the first lady, hospitality, gratitude, praise and respect. While the authors honor the legacy of preaching and social justice, they are especially appreciative of the Black church emphasis on mentoring and honoring elders within the church. This book would be especially helpful for anyone interested in learning to better understand Black church style and customs.