When Better Isn't Enough: Evaluation Tools for the 21st Century Church

by Jill M. Hudson. Rowman & Littlefield, 2004.
Large when better isnt enough

This book seeks to move congregations from traditional 20th century business-type personnel evaluations (summative) toward evaluations that are both more formative and forward-looking. Written by a judicatory executive who has seen the numerous ineffective as well as hurtful pastoral evaluations, the book offers a model for congregational leadership evaluation in the 21st century. The 3-step process begins with the pastor’s self-reflection, and then includes a feedback group and a review group. It is based on 12 characteristics (abilities) of effective pastoral leadership and is rooted in the conviction the pastor’s leadership and the congregation’s ministries are tied together. In the discussion of each characteristic, sample questions are provided both for the pastor’s self-review and for the congregational team’s review. Additional materials include how to adapt the model for small congregations or multiple staff teams. Sample worksheets for each of the 12 characteristics are included. This resource will be useful to congregations seeking to provide effective, useful and forward-looking evaluation of their ministries.

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