When Leadership and Spiritual Direction Meet: Stories and Reflections for Congregational Life

by Gil Stafford. Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.
Large when leadership spiritual direction meet

As a former college coach, university president and now parish Episcopal priest, Gil Stafford has a unique vantage point from which he gently, yet pointedly challenges leaders to cultivate a new kind of leadership-one that requires a different set of skills than are found in most leadership books. These skills are embedded in the ancient practices related to spiritual direction, and train the leader to become a listener and discerner rather than the one with all the answers. “This book challenges church leaders to foster sacred safe space, holy listening, silence, and wisdom storytelling, in order to create a discerning church community. These techniques of spiritual direction can be applied to every aspect of the church, from small group studies to conducting parish business.” An extremely applicable book related to many facets of congregational life, leaders from most faith traditions will receive excellent instruction, enjoy reading many winsome stories and catch a new vision for leadership as a spiritual director.

Curator Curated by Beth Booram

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