Whitworth University Office of Church Engagement

Spokane, WA. (509) 777-3275.
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Thankfully, more church related colleges are renewing their interest not only in matters of faith, but also in matters related to the local congregations. Whitworth University’s Office of Church Engagement is such an example. The Office of Church Engagement (OCE) serves, supports, and partners with churches and other Christian ministries as they discern how to be the church and do ministry in the western region of the United States. Led by Terry McGonigal, OCE offers a certificate in ministry engagement, summer ministry internships, and the annual Whitworth Institute of Ministry. The Ekklesia Project serves a group of 8-10 churches a year in a multiple year process of developing new forms of ministry. If your congregation is located on the west coast of the United States, you will want to be familiar with the resources available through the OCE on the campus of Whitworth University.