Who Does What? A Guide to Design Professionals in Preservation

by Shari Goldberg. Boston Preservation Alliance. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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You’ve done a preliminary assessment on your historic building and learned that there is work to be done. How do you decide what type of building professional to engage: an architect, an engineer, or a building conservator? According to preservation specialist, Goldberg, the answer isn’t always clear. Here, in practical terms, Goldberg describes how the experts differ from one another in training and approach. Then she compares them in an “apples to apples” fashion. For each specialist, there is a description of the work they do, the problems they address, and the kinds of projects they take on. Goldberg describes their training and licensing requirements, problem-solving techniques, and the documents they produce. An appended paragraph conveys important information on things to think about prior to launching a repair project, such as funding sources and the careful vetting of all contractors. This information is aimed at building committees, trustees, and staff.