Wholeness After Betrayal: Restoring Trust in the Wake of Misconduct

by Robin Hammeal-Urban. Morehouse Publishing, 2015.
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Hammeal-Urban, an attorney and Canon for Mission Integrity and Training in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, builds on extensive experience to help restore “right relationship” in the congregation after clergy and lay-leader misconduct: sexual, physical, financial, spiritual, and emotional abuse. While written in the context of Episcopal polity, the concepts apply to all U.S. congregations. The author does an exceptional job defining and explaining terms, especially ecclesiastical and legal language. The appendices-including Sample Disclosure Statements for Congregations, Disclosure Meeting: Gathering Questions and Concerns Form, and Checklist for Care of Victims and Offenders-remind leaders of what is to be done, and reassure them it possible to do it. The dedication reveals there is hope after betrayal: “For all the courageous victims, congregations, and offenders who have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and Grace of God in the aftermath of misconduct.”