Why Changing Your Church’s Culture Rarely Works Out

by John Kotter. Vision Room. Accessed November 21, 2018.
Large why changing church culture rarely works

John Kotter is one of the most influential thinkers on issues of organizational change. This article, published by Vision Room, points out that many efforts at cultural change are doomed to failure, because they do not take into account the fundamental building blocks of culture or the mechanisms for change. This very short article points out the pitfalls and errors that can be made when considering culture change in a congregational setting. Kotter, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School, also founded {{Kotter International | http://www.kotterinternational.com/about-us/}}, which furnishes a range of additional resources on these research-backed methods. Included among these resources is Kotter’s award-winning article “Accelerate!” and the related book-length monograph, which are great resources for going deeper around these challenges and risks. For congregations seeking to be well-prepared before taking action around cultural change, Kotter’s resources are an excellent place to begin.

Curated by Melissa Spa

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