Why They Stay: Helping Parents and Church Leaders Make Investments That Keep Children and Teens Connected to the Church for a Lifetime

by Steve R. Parr, Tom Crites. WestBow Press, 2015.
Large why they stay

Plenty has been written about young people leaving church, and when or whether they return later in life. In this book, a researcher and church specialist reveal what congregations and parents can do to keep them from leaving in the first place. Parr and Crites surveyed nearly 1400 young adults age 26-39 who grew up in church and never left. Why They Stay is the fruit of their research. Central to their findings are fifteen elements that have the greatest impact on whether a person stays. These include children spending worship time with their parents, and college age adults participating in Bible study. Each short chapter ends with questions for reflection and assessment. Combining research findings with their own experience, the authors have created a wise and practical handbook for parents and congregations who want to invest in children’s lifelong faith. Its perspective is Evangelical.