Winning Grants to Strengthen Your Ministry

by Joy Skjegstad. Rowman & Littlefield, 2007.

Many congregations are discovering that grant monies may be available to them to strengthen their ministries. But, they may not have the information necessary to discover which funders to ask and how to ask them. Drawing on her considerable experience as a grant writer for many nonprofits, including many which are ministry based, Joy Skjegstad offers pertinent advice on how to write grants, develop relationships with funders, and integrate grant seeking into the life of the church. She begins with a careful discussion of the relationship between faith and funding, and addresses the important question about whether grant seeking is appropriate for a particular congregational culture. This is followed by a discussion of where to find grant funders and what they are looking for in making grants. She then addresses how to make the case for a particular ministry and write a winning grant. Of particular importance are the issues of following up with a grantor and relationship building. Skjegstad also includes a typical grant form to familiarize readers with what kinds of information grantors are likely to require.