Worship and Prayer in African American Christianity

Blog. Brad R. Braxton. The Huffington Post, October 25, 2011. Accessed November 26, 2018.
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This vibrant blog post by Dr. Brad Braxton serves as both an appreciation for and a teaching tool about worship and prayer in African American Christianity. Dr. Braxton currently serves as Professor of Homiletics at Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology. In the confines of a single post, the author covers several related subjects including the liturgical calendar, the Watch Night service, and the theological commitments of worship in the African American community. Picture an urban congregation where the pastor wants his or her members to know their living tradition of worship and why it matters. In that setting, this blog serves as both a discussion starter for the future and a historical reminder of crucial promises when it comes to worship in the African American church. Braxton’s affirming viewpoint is contagious: “Rather than succumbing to the lie that black lives don't matter, African American Christians bow our heads and lift our hearts to a God who affirms that we are somebody.”

Author Curated by Tim Shapiro

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