Worship at the Next Level: Insights from Contemporary Voices

(Tim Dearborn). Wipf and Stock, 2015.

This collection of essays explores Christian worship from different vantage points, such as the role of music, liturgy, media, and dynamics of worship.


why Christians worship, what makes Christian worship Christian, the relationship between worship and young people, the relationship between worship and post-modern cultural context

Best For

Christian clergy, worship leaders, and musicians


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Suggested Uses

  • Evaluate current worship practices by reading this text with clergy, worship leaders, and musicians.
  • Create impactful worship services by considering the relationship between worship and cultural context.

About the Contributor
Janet Hoover

Janet Hoover is a certified spiritual director in private practice and an American Baptist pastor. She graduated from the University of Indianapolis and earned her MDiv and DMin from Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. 

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