Worship Matters: A Study for Congregations

by Jane Rogers Vann. Westminster John Knox Press, 2011.
Large worship matters a study for congregations

This book is part case study, part practical helps. The practical helps come at the end of chapters in the form of questions to consider regarding subjects such as use of space and the liturgical seasons. The case studies are based on visits to a variety of congregations. The author served at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA, so the book is most applicable to congregations that worship in a style similar or related to that tradition. However, the practical prompts at the end of each chapter broaden the potential audience. Chapter 3 titled Gathering God’s People is well-suited for a congregation thinking about changes to their sanctuary. Readers would be well-prepared people for a conversation with an architect after discussing the chapter. Clergy and laity who serve on Worship Committees will be able to compare and contrast their practice with the practice of others. Not many books on worship are both practical and theologically rooted. This one is.

Author Curated by Tim Shapiro

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