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Resource List for Online Church
Written during COVID-19, this succinct guide quickly empowers congregations to transition to online platforms.
Peace at the Last: Visitation with the Dying
Created by the Lake Chelan Lutheran Church, this liturgy provides guidance for family and friends visiting people who are dying, providing comfort in the form of prayers, blessings, and scripture.
web resource
Small Ritual
This web resource by Steve Collins, who is a creative thinker and artist who cares deeply about the church and its identity, theology, and future, explores the church from numerous angles to enrich the church's relationship with its local culture.
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Labyrinth - Grace09
This web resource offers a YouTube video that contains a labyrinth meditative prayer walk which guides you through the stages of "a journey toward God", including reflection time for contemplating and meditating on loss, fear, and gifts.
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This website, provided by Prayerscapes, a group of Christian musicians, dramatic readers, and worship and prayer creators, offers videos and films that have both spoken and musical content and include daily prayers, a house blessing, and well-known prayers, such the Lord’ s Prayer and Psalm 23.
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Worship Enrich: Exploring Old and New Ways of Responding to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Anglican Church Music Director Neil Barker created this website to explore and discuss the past, present, and future of church worship.
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Calvin College Pubs Clubs Alt Worship Compilation
This less than three-minute video from YouTube has no spoken words, but speaks volumes about England’ s Calvin College's alternative worship and its many facets and elements. Viewers see informal and formal gatherings where participants are both prone or standing in reverence.
Alternative Worship Images from the UK
This montage captures the spirit, mood, and tone of the alternative worship movement in one United Kingdom religious community.
The Taize Community
This website represents the Taize community, offering information regarding the history of Taize worship and providing resources to develop Taize worship.
Reinventing Sunday
This organization offers numerous resources related to Taize worship, including workshops, retreat weekends, downloadable book chapters, and pilgrimages to Taize.
Mosaix Global Network
This organization provides resources and membership for congregations interested in establishing healthy multi-ethnic communities.
Liturgy Training Publications
This organization offers publications that support active participation in the Sunday assembly, including an annual publication based on Sunday's scriptures, a book about home devotions and spiritual exercises, and a workbook.
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