You are Invited on a 40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life

by Brian Kluth., 2006.
Large you are invited

Well known and respected fundraising leader Brian Kluth’s small book has been translated into 30 languages. It is designed for personal study, group study or family study over a 40 day period. It presents a comprehensive analysis of giving as an important Christian practice. There are topics for each of the 40 Day consideration, graphs and charts, articles, quotations, and lists to augment the study. Each daily topic has a series of questions for consideration. At each of the six week intervals, there is an invitation to consider a major analysis of personal or family finances using a “spreadsheet”. Theses include: income, lifestyle, assets, past giving, response, and thanksgiving. Questions for group study are also included at the end of each week’s study. Kuth’s resource is easy to read and absorb, but working through the assignments may take concerted effort . The work should be of interest to a broad range on congregations of varying theological heritage.

Reviewed by Brian Witwer

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