Your Volunteers: From Come and See to Come and Serve

by Chris Mavity. A Better Ministry, 2014.
Large your volunteers

Ministry in the local church is a difficult thing to pull off without adequate volunteers. Ask any pastor or congregational leader and they will tell you the same. Chris Mavity, author of Your Volunteers, maps out how to create an environment and establish operations that will develop and sustain a thriving volunteer corps to serve in your local church. This book is written for pastors and lay leaders who need help understanding how to recruit, train, place, support and lead volunteers in their local setting. It casts vision and provides practical guidance in confronting the challenges of creating a culture of volunteerism. In the appendix, readers will find several helpful worksheets, diagrams and charts to support their efforts in engaging volunteers-like Five Operational Skills of Thriving Volunteer Teams. Leaders from most Christian traditions would find this book a helpful guide. It is readable, practical and hopeful!