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web resource
Sulam for Strategic Planners
Sulam for Strategic Planners (SSP) is a new program of United Synagogue to strengthen congregations and is designed for Synagogue leaders who are ready to begin planning - or to begin exploring the benefits and challenges of strategic planning. While this program is only open to USCJ-affiliated congregations in good standing, many congregational leaders interested in cultivating strategic thinking and planning in their board cultures will find USCJ’ s web-based content informative and useful.
web resource
Jim Tomberlin on Church Mergers and Multi-Sites
In this web resource, Church Law Group attorney David Middlebrook conducts an interview with author and church consultant Jim Tomberlin and focuses on questions about church mergers, with Tomberlin arguing that mergers can create healthier congregations.
book Updated
Practicing Witness: A Missional Vision of Christian Practices
This concise book offers a history and definition of missional theology, focusing on practice and context.
11 High-Impact Planning Ideas for Senior Pastors
This blog provides innovative activities to clarify your congregation's strategy and vision.
The Missional Church in Perspective: Mapping Trends and Shaping the Conversation
This book examines the multitude of definitions for the term "missional" before offering its own definition based within a biblical and theological context.
For the Beauty of the Church: Casting a Vision for the Arts
This collection of essays offer an expansive vision of the arts for the church.
Dawnings: Welcoming a New Day In Your Church's Missional Journey
This retreat offers spaces for reflection and focus on visioning, forming, and engaging in the question of how public ministry might be a part of the future for a congregation's life together.
Uproar: Calm Leadership in Anxious Times
This leadership resource provides specific ways to navigate the emotional processes that emerge during times of challenge and change.
The Life Cycle and Stages of Congregational Development
This article presents a life cycle model that can help leaders understand their congregation's current life stage and anticipate inevitable transitions.
Overview of the Strategic Planning Process
This five-minute video introduces the entire strategic planning process through illustrations on a white board.
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