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59 results for Mission And Vision
Holy Conversations: Strategic Planning as a Spiritual Practice for Congregations
This book of practical tools turns strategic planning into "holy conversations" guided by three critical questions.
A Vision for the Aging Church: Renewing Ministry for and by Seniors
This book explores the aging population and shares how they can be assets to the congregation.
New Visions Initiative: A Blueprint for a Vibrant Congregation
This organization provides resources and guidance for historically African American Episcopal congregations focusing on renewal, a vision for the future, and creative culture change.
Holy Currency Exchange: 101 Stories, Songs, Actions, and Visions of Missional and Sustainable Ministries
This book provides strategies on the stewardship of the six holy currencies: money, time and place, gracious leadership, relationship, truth, and wellness.
From A Mustard Seed: Enlivening Worship and Music in the Small Church
Designed for small membership Christian congregations, this resource explores new ways churches can share God's vision through mission and worship.
Starting Right: Thinking Theologically About Youth Ministry
This resource encourages readers to view youth ministry from a practical theology perspective to ground it within the larger vision and mission of the congregation.
The Mission Table: Renewing Congregation and Community
This resource intertwines personal story and biblical insight with tools for leadership development, all of which culminates to help facilitate missional conversations.
Vision: Lost and Found: The Story of a Church That Got Stuck but Didn't Stay There
Based off the experiences of megachurch Granger Community Church, this book details its journey from a start-up church with tremendous growth to a period of organizational struggle. This book equips readers with the same tools and processes Granger used to shift internal culture.
Beyond the Ordinary: Ten Strengths of U.S. Congregations
Based on research from the U.S. Congregational Life Survey, the authors identify ten strengths found in vital congregations, including meaningful worship, welcoming new people, and focusing on the community.
Life on the Edge: A Small Church Redefines Its Mission
This article dispels negative myths about the small church's future.
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