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Should Your Church Start a Nonprofit?
This concise article will be helpful for any congregation beginning to think about starting a nonprofit.
Starting a Nonprofit at Your Church
This comprehensive provides congregations with the necessary tools to decide whether or not starting a nonprofit organization is in their best interest, helping determine readiness and moving forward.
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Information for Churches and Religious Organizations
This website offers useful information for congregations seeking to clarify their nonprofit status, understand legal requirements, and find details about tax information for charitable organizations.
National Association of State Charity Officials (NASCO)
This association helps congregations find state agencies that offer state-specific information about regulations for new congregations and congregations that conduct charitable activities or solicit charitable contributions.
Thinking of Forming a Non-Profit? What to Consider Before You Begin
This 25-page booklet reviews the questions to ask and steps to take before determining whether or not to start a nonprofit organization.
How to Start a Nonprofit
This article is a comprehensive overview of the steps for creating a successful nonprofit organization.
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