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630 results for Crisis Communication
Intentional Communication
Curator Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes
Congregational Communication Resources
Curator Matt Burke
Program Planning in Faith Communities
Curator Tim Shapiro
Church Websites
Curator the CRG Team
3 Big Communication Mistakes Organizations are Making During the COVID-19 Crisis
This no-nonsense article about communication during a crisis will help you look at the big picture, think creatively about leadership, and provide the information people need.
Wholeness After Betrayal: Restoring Trust in the Wake of Misconduct
This book will help churches restore inner congregation peace after clergy and lay leader misconduct, whether it be sexual, physical, financial, spiritual, or emotional abuse.
Anne Curley: Do the Right Thing
This website resource teaches lay leaders how to better handle a crisis and promotes collaboration between clergy and laity by providing reccommendations about appropriate channels and priorities of communication for disseminating information.
The Voice of Authority: 10 Communication Strategies Every Leader Needs to Know
A Fortune 500 consultant provides advice on how to communicate responsibly to make others respond with good work and good will.
Center For Church Communication
This organization provides coaching and mentoring for congregations to use communication as an evangelism tool.
To Walk in Integrity: Spiritual Leadership in Times of Crisis
This resource helps readers examine daily habits and choices to equip them with the necessary mindset to lead with integrity during times of crisis.
web resource
Resources for Community- and Faith-Based Leaders
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers emergency planning guidelines and current information for congregations.
Opioid Epidemic Practical Toolkit: Helping Faith and Community Leaders Bring Hope and Healing to Our Communities
This 24-page toolkit from the Department of Health offers opioid-awareness resources for faith-based organizations.
Another Day's Journey: Black Churches Confronting the American Crisis
This book outlines forms of political-theological orientation in the Black church. Then the author suggests how to mobilize interfaith coalitions that promote "poverty alleviation, racial reconciliation and religious tolerance."
Claiming Earth as Common Ground: The Ecological Crisis through the Lens of Faith
This collections of essays calls for urgent and cooperative action among disparate faith communities, with insights and guidance from contemporary activists, theologians, and eco-organization leaders.
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