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Congregational Finance
Curator Kate White
Caring Congregations
Curator Doug Hanner
Inclusive Congregations
Curator Kate White
Strategic Planning for Congregations
Curator Tim Shapiro
Transforming Church in Rural America
Based on the experiences of the author as a rural pastor, this book dispels false assumptions about rural congregations and shows how stagnant churches can grow by setting goals based on vision, attitude, leadership, understanding, and enduring excellence.
Rural Revival: Growing Churches in Shrinking Communities
Based off the results of a case study, this resource offers stagnant rural and small congregations a process they can follow to ensure renewal.
The Land That Calls Me Home: Connecting God's People to God's Land through God's Church
Based on the author's experience within a rural congregation, this resource explores the benefits of a partnership between the church and its farmers, one that can lead to community growth.
web resource
Catholic Rural Life
This website offers free resources for rural and small town congregations to address outreach, stewardship of creation, agriculture and food.
Small-Town America: Finding Community, Shaping the Future
This resource draws from research and interviews to accurately depict small town America.
web resource
The Rural Ministry Blog
Bi-vocational pastor Harry Colegrove’ s leadership experience in a small town informs this blog on rural ministry and its challenges.
Does a Congregation's Location Influence Its Effectiveness?
This article argues that congregations can be successful regardless of their location, offering a discussion on how congregations can become a neighborhood destination.
Places of Promise: Finding Strength in Your Congregation's Location
Drawing upon data and observations, this resource navigates the relationship between location and its impact on a congregation's health and vitality.
Rural Home Missionary Association
This organization offers resources and trainings with the goal of planting and supporting churches in small-town America.
web resource
Rural Church Network of the United States and Canada
This web resource, by Rural Church Network, provides space for congregational leaders in rural communities to share ideas and gather information about rural life and ministry to improve and enhance the lives of church members and their neighbors.
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