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291 results for Building Maintenance
Church Building Maintenance
Curator Nancy DeMott
Facility Management
Curator Kate White
Relationships in Ministry
Curator Kate White
Church Planting Resources
Curator Tim Shapiro
Special Report: Building Conditions Surveys
This article written by a preservation specialist explains what a building conditions survey is.
Using Facilities Assessments: A Resource from the Center for Congregations
This brief guide gives readers an introduction to facilities assessment and addresses what to do with the completed assessment.
Maintaining the Life of Your Building and Equipment
This PowerPoint presentation details the many aspects of building maintenance that require regular inspection and upkeep.
Church Facility Maintenance
This article from the Christian Church offers best practices for maintaining a church facility with the goals of safety and efficiency in mind.
International Facility Management Association (IFMA)
This organization provides members with educational events, training and networking opportunities, resource guides, and a certification program all related to managing your congregation's facility.
Church Facility Stewardship
This free download provides checklists and tools to proactively manage your congregation's facilities, creating a preventive maintenance system. Use this e-book with the in-depth manual "Facility Stewardship: Managing what God has Entrusted to You."
Worship Facilities Magazine
Worship Facilities Magazine’ s educational and informative articles address different questions and concerns about a congregation’ s facility. The magazine’ s goal is to help congregations design, use, and maintain their facilities to maximize the effect of their ministry. Specific subjects include maintenance, finances, construction, renovation, interior design, acoustics, safety and security, the greening” of a facility, landscaping, and technology.
Endangered Churches
This 10-minute video surveys the changing landscape of sacred buildings in Philadelphia.
web resource
This website provides up-to-date information on all things related to facility management, ranging from roofing to grounds management.
Plan 4 It: The 4 Essential Master Plans for Every Church
This book outlines how to strategically plan your building project by sharing practical wisdom and planning tools that consider your ministry, finances, and sustainability.
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