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Clergy Health
Curator Doug Hanner
Clergy Leadership in Uncertain Times
Curator Tim Shapiro
Church Finances
Curator the CRG Team
Program Planning in Faith Communities
Curator Tim Shapiro
Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Programs at Christian Theological Seminary
This organization provides annual sabbatical grants for Christian clergy of up to $50,000, including as much as $15,000 for congregational expenses.
Faithful and Fractured: Responding to the Clergy Health Crisis
This book presents the findings of Duke's Clergy Health Initiative, which studied the mental and physical health of United Methodist clergy. The results can be applied to clergy and congregational professionals.
Twelve Characteristics for Effective 21st Century Ministry
This short article comments on pastoral leadership and highlights 12 leadership skills of effective clergy.
A Sabbatical Primer for Pastors: How to Initiate and Navigate a Spiritual Renewal Leave
This book advocates for practices and policies that ensure a sabbatical for every pastor, citing why they are necessary and addressing common fears such as maintaining ministry and planning for funding.
Davidson Centre for the Professions – The Clergy Program
This program for clergy offers a weeklong residential retreat that takes a holistic approach to pastoral self-care.
This House We Build: Lessons for Healthy Synagogues and the People Who Dwell There
This book combines organizational theory with Jewish faith values to present advice and case studies on how to build positive relationships and avoid serious conflict.
web resource
Is Your Congregation a Clergy Killer? How Church-goers Matter to the Mental Health of Pastors
This web resource includes a study of 1,500 ministers in the Duke Clergy Health Initiative Longitudinal Survey which revealed that 28 percent of ministers said "they had at one time been forced to leave their jobs because of personal attacks and criticism from a small fraction of their congregations", and offers suggested ways church-goers could contribute to the health and well-being of their minister.
Trauma Addiction: Safety and Stabilization for the Addicted Survivor of Trauma
Written by a licensed mental health counselor, this article outlines treatment options, tools for self-soothing, and skills for enhancing safety for individuals struggling with trauma and addiction.
Study Finds Unique Positive Mental Health Factors for Clergy
This research article reveals factors unique to clergy positive mental health and how these can prevent psychological and physical illnesses.
web resource
Center for Congregational Health - Interim Ministry
This web resource for The Center for Congregational Health's Interim Ministry program asserts the transition time between pastorates is vital for congregations and new ministers establishing "a solid ministry team" and offers a range of resources and services that either help congregations in transition or train clergy for interim ministry.
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