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Know the Best Time to Relocate Your Church
This article urges congregations to examine their identity and mission before moving locations. It also provides keys to a successful move.
Vital Merger: A New Church Start Approach that Joins Church Families Together
This book offers a proven model to ensure the success of a church merger, one that looks more like a fresh start versus a last-ditch effort that will only delay decline. Here, a merger is likened to a marriage, and the book provides a step-by-step guide towards commitment.
Merging Congregations: The Exploration, Facilitation and Execution of a Synagogue Merger, and the Role of the Administrator/Executive Director in the Process
This article offers insights and practical tools to guide leaders through the intricacies of the merger process.
web resource
The Baptist Start Page: Church Relocation
This website hosts a rich assortment of church relocation resources, from technical to adaptive, making it the perfect launching point for congregations considering relocation.
Should Our Church Remodel or Relocate?
This article asks 16 questions to help congregations think clearly about their options when it comes to remodeling or relocating.
Neighborhood Transitions, 2/4: Addressing a Changed Location by Relocating the Congregation
Part of a four-part series on ministry in changing neighborhoods, this article offers five points for leaders to consider before moving the congregation to a new location.
10 Reasons to Consider Purchasing an Existing Building for Your Church Expansion or Relocation Project
This article argues that congregations seeking additional space may find their answer in vacant commercial facilities.
Christian Community Development Association
This organization provides resources and training to Christian congregations who want to connect with and help develop under-resourced communities.
web resource
This free website contains job postings from a variety of ministry positions.
Where Justice Dwells: A Hands-On Guide To Doing Social Justice Work In Your Jewish Community
This workbooks offers four steps for synagogues who want to make social justice work a priority, outlining concrete strategies for implementing each step.
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