John Ray


John Ray has served in leadership positions at several churches in a career that spans four decades. Currently active in the Disciples of Christ (DOC) Christian Church, John has had the honor of serving as Music Director for many of the large gatherings for the church to include the General Assembly, National Convocation, and several regional worship gatherings. John founded the Worship That Transforms Conference at Light of the World Christian Church, an effort that yielded transformed worshippers and a CD entitled Redeemed featuring the Voices of the Light. In December of 2019 John led an ensemble in concerts and appearances as a part of a DOC pilgrimage to Cuba. John has also participated in multiple tours to Europe in particular Switzerland, England and France.

Contributions From John Ray

Never-ending Worship: Where Preparation and Inspiration Meet
Curator John Ray
3 resources
S3 E2: Never-ending worship: Where preparation and inspiration meet
Shellie and Ben speak with John Ray from Light of the World Christian Church about all that it takes to plan a successful worship service. They discuss music as a specific...
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