Leanette Pokuwaah


Leanette Pokuwaah is a writer, teacher, and coach. As a first-generation Ghanaian woman, she creates and teaches Enneagram content that centers the stories and voices of people of color and others that are traditionally placed at the margins.

Contributions From Leanette Pokuwaah

The Value of the Enneagram in Congregational Spaces
Curator Leanette Pokuwaah
4 resources
S2 E12: The Value of the Enneagram in Congregational Spaces
Enneargram writer, teacher and coach Leanette Pokuwaah joins Ben and Matt to talk about how the enneagram can be used well in congregational contexts. She also discusses the...
Consultant Leanette Pokuwaah uses the Enneagram framework to explore healing, personality...
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