Marsha McDaniel

Remembering Well: Rituals for Celebrating Life and Mourning Death
This book uses examples and practical suggestions to provide a guide on planning services and rituals after death.
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Death & Mourning
Based in the Jewish Reform tradition, this website provides information and tools to grieve, including culturally appropriate customs, unique family stories, and online shivas and funerals.
Good Grief
This resource serves as a guide through the stages of grief, whether from large or small losses, using gentle wisdom and acute insight into human nature.
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Grief: A Journey of Discovery
This DVD takes the viewer on a journey through the unfamiliar territory of grief and details the grief process.
Don't Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart: How to Relate to Those Who Are Suffering
This resource looks at the stories of more than 4,000 individuals to provide insight and wisdom into what to say or do when interacting with people who are suffering.
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Quaker Aging Resources: Providing Spirit-Centered Resources and Information
Developed by The New York and Philadelphia Yearly Meetings of Friends (Quakers), this website offers a set of resources to help Meetings (Quaker congregations) address issues faced by older adults.
Caring Ministry: A Contemplative Approach to Pastoral Care
This resource presents a reflective approach to caring ministry, which stems from the author's belief that "caring ministry is about what we know and who we are."
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Close to Home Pastoral Care Pamphlets
This web resource, by The Mennonite Publishing Network in partnership with the Mennonite Church and Mennonite Brethren ministries and institutions, has published an extensive series of 12-page pamphlets on "close to home" subjects such as dementia, PTSD, self-harm, gambling, bipolar disorder, overwhelming debt, acquaintance rape, spouse abuse, eating disorders, electronic addiction, pornography, elder abuse, etc.
Living Thoughtfully, Dying Well: A Doctor Explains How to Make Death a Natural Part of Life
This resource uses scientific and spiritual perspectives to encourage readers to consider ways they can live more fully and plan proactively for death.
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God's Work through Parish Nursing
This web resource offers a video that, through movement, image and music, portrays the beautifully expressed work of parish nursing which can serve as a brief introduction to parish nursing and health ministry as well as a contemplative means of encouragement and inspiration for those already engaged in such work.
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Community Health Ministry Viewpoints – Parish Nursing
This web resource provides a video which explains the importance of parish nurses, portrays clergy persons expressing their appreciation for the work of a parish nurse, and also shows how that work enriches the congregation.
Fast Facts for the Faith Community Nurse: Implementing FCN/Parish Nursing in a Nutshell
This resource provides quick access to content and tools for designing programs on diverse issues individuals may encounter in the field of parish nursing.
Parish Nursing – A New, Yet Old Model of Care
This article describes the purpose, roles, and place of the parish nurse within the life and ministry of a faith community.
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What is Health Ministry?
This web resource is a clear and helpful explanation of what health ministry is, why faith communities need to be engaged in health ministry, the value of health ministry to people in faith communities, and how health ministry can work in a congregation.
Navigating the Medical Maze: A Practical Guide
This e-book guides readers through issues impacting our medical choices, providing relevant information on a variety of topics ranging from alternative medicine to the emotional aspects of illness.
The Parish Nurse: Providing a Minister of Health for Your Congregation
This resource is targeted towards congregations that want to provide a wholistic health ministry for their faith community by establishing a parish nurse as the primary minster of health.
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National Caregivers Library: Caregiving Ministries
The National Caregivers Library website, created and maintained by FamilyCare America, Inc., provides a wealth of information and resources on the issues and needs related to caregivers engaged in caring for the elderly. The “Caregiving Ministries” section of this site provides a number of ministry modules that detail information for congregations on how to plan, implement, sustain and assess these ministries.
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Rest Ministries
This website serves as a clearinghouse, giving information and support to chronically ill persons through an on-line community, daily devotionals, and articles on a variety of topics, such as What Churches Should Know, Learning to Cope, and A Brighter Outlook.
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Health and Wellness
This website, provided by the Union for Reform Judaism, offers helpful information and resources about a variety of health issues.
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