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Handling Conflict in Your Congregation

Large avoiding all out church war

Unlike the typical brief format of Building Church Leaders training packs, most of the articles in this collection require full-length study sessions. Designed for use based on topical interest or...

Large conflictreport

Based on the Center for Congregation's inquiry on congregational conflict, the Conflict in Congregations Special Report is intended to help lay and clergy leaders understand the nature and dynamics...

Large handling conflict

Create a culture of conflict-resilience with this training pack for leader and staff teams. Building Church Leaders has perfected the 20-minute session that can be built into regularly scheduled...

Large lombard mennonite peace center

Based in the Chicago area, LMPC offers trainings and consulting in fulfillment of their mission to encourage the nonviolent transformation of conflict in relationships in homes, workplaces,...

Large what to do when a fight breaks out

Two lively video discussions, about 15 minutes each, are part of a weekly series by Dr. Kris Tenny-Brittian, a Disciples of Christ regional minister and consultant, and Dr. Bill Tenny-Brittian, a...

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