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Church Administration Training

Providing training to church staff is important to ensure a well-functioning organization. These training resources provide additional support to train church administrators.


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Guest Contributor

Aaron Spiegel

Aaron is a rabbi, author, and president of the Synagogue Studies Institute. He formerly directed the CRG and information technology at the Center for Congregations.

Church Administration Training

When it comes to running an effective congregation today, it can be good to rely on strong church administration resources. The administration of a congregation is naturally going to be different from that of a regular company or organization. There are also a lot of challenges that may be unique to running a church. That is why it may prove helpful to focus on strong church administration training.

For those out there who may be wondering, “what is church administration?”, this refers to all the individuals, even those who work behind the scenes, who are responsible for creating a successful religious organization. When it comes to duties and responsibilities church administration training, it can potentially be a good idea to focus on the principles of church management. Religious organizations are nonprofit groups, but they still need money in order to successfully operate. This is one of the main principles of church administration. Church administrator training often has to focus on fiscal responsibility. Because a lot of churches do not have strong cash flow, every dollar has to account.

In addition to fiscal responsibility, church administrator training is also likely going to focus on recruiting new members. There are a lot of people out there who believe that churches are struggling to get in touch with the younger generation. With this in mind, it may be a good idea for members of the church administration team to try and figure out how they are going to effectively reach out to the younger generation. As a result, technology leadership and social media coordinators are often seen as being among the most important positions when it comes to church leadership.

Ultimately, though, every church is going to be unique. Some churches have more administrative positions than others. Therefore, it can be useful for religious leaders to take a look at a few examples of church administrator structures, so that they can figure out what type of structure might work best for them.

Church Administration Structure

When it comes to church administration training PDF, it may be useful to take a closer look at church administration structure. When taking a look at church administration notes, keep in mind that every church is likely going to be different. For example, some churches may only be made up of a single room. In these cases, there might only be one or two members of the church administration team, whereas some churches that are larger may have multiple locations spread across multiple cities. As a result, this church administration structure could resemble that of a corporation.

So then, who is going to be included when it comes to church administration structure? There are several possible examples. Naturally, there is going to be a head pastor who is responsible for the entire church. This is usually going to be someone who stands behind the pulpit on Sundays. In large churches, however, there might be multiple pastors who are responsible for delivering sermons on the weekends.

In addition to the people who stand at the front, there are also likely going to be small group coordinators. Some of these small groups might place a keen focus on adults, whereas other small groups may choose to focus on children. Both can be seen as equally important. Some churches may rely on volunteers to step up and lead small groups, and others may have specific people that they hire to run their small groups.

Most churches will also have a treasurer, who is generally going to be responsible for counting every dollar that comes into the church. Then, the treasurer has to reconcile this against the overhead expenses of the church, including things such as rent, utilities, equipment, and any salaries that may need to be paid.

Finally, a lot of churches will also have technology leadership groups, which are responsible for managing social media platforms, responding to emails, and making sure that everyone is receiving the messages they would like to be receiving. In some situations, churches may even hire an IT professional to help make sure their technological systems are working appropriately. This may include audio-video equipment, which can be greatly beneficial to have working when sermons are being delivered.

Qualities of a Church Administrator

Naturally, not everyone is going to be cut out for church administration. Thus, it may be good to take a closer look at some of the qualities that may be found in a strong church administrator. Effective church administration may perhaps start with hiring the right people. With this in mind, it can be helpful to take time to figure out what qualities to look for on a church administrator resume.

Keep in mind that one possible church administration definition goes as follows: this refers to all activities that have to take place in order to keep a church operational. So, then, what are some of the qualities that might be good to look for?

This is something that likely depends on the position that needs to be filled. For example, someone who is going to stand at the front of the church on Sundays might have to have strong oratorical skills, meaning they need to have experience with speaking in public. This might be someone who worked in student government as a child, or possibly someone who even participated in student government at the college level. Try to find someone who may have participated in a debate class, as these are people who will already have some experience speaking in front of others.

It can also be important to look for someone who is a natural leader. For instance, it might be helpful to look for someone who has prior experience as a captain of an athletic team. Or, it could be helpful to find someone who was a leader of a student group. It can oftentimes prove to be quite helpful for church administrators to be good leaders.

There are other qualities which may be considered important, as well. For example, it could be good to find someone who has a background in finance, accounting, or economics to balance the books. Or, it could be helpful to find someone who has a background in computer science to handle the technology side of things. Someone who has experience as a marketer might also be helpful when looking at running a social media platform. These perhaps represent a few of the key qualities to look for when it comes to church administrators.

Church Administration Certification

Church administration is something that some people might consider to be more complicated today than it ever has been before. Therefore, it might be helpful to go through a formal training program. It is possible to access church administration training online. For example, there are opportunities that exist out there to earn a church management certificate. This type of administration program is likely going to be helpful for teaching people the most common challenges they are going to face if they decide to run a church.

When it comes to effective church management, it might also be helpful to pursue a church administration degree. This is a degree program that is likely going to cover a wide variety of other topics that are often considered important to those who are going to be church leaders today. For instance, people who participate in a church administration certification program are going to learn about what it is like to delegate responsibilities. A lot of people who decide to become church leaders are oftentimes going to be very proactive people who believe the best way to do something is to simply handle it on their own. At the same time, though, there are so many responsibilities that go along with running a church that it is likely going to prove difficult for someone who occupies a position in church administration to do everything on their own. These programs, then, are going to help them to better delegate those responsibilities that they can’t handle on their own.

There are numerous other topics that will also be covered. For example, a lot of churches can find themselves running into financial difficulties. By being prepared for these problems ahead of time, though, it is possible for church administration leaders to be able to anticipate and avoid them. These programs will also help church administration leaders better learn how to market their church groups more effectively. This could include taking advantage of email and social media to help recruit members of the younger generation.

Church Administration Resources

Ultimately, when it comes to church administration, it could be that everyone simply needs a helping hand, from time to time. That is why church administration resources can be helpful. By taking a look at a church administration online, it is possible to access free church administration courses. For instance, this could cover church office management or other church administration services. For those who are thinking about running a church today, it might be beneficial for them to take advantage of every resource they have at their disposal. That way, they can run their church administration group effectively.

One of the places that church leaders may want to look at is The CRG is an online platform that congregation leaders can use to access resources on a wide variety of topics. Furthermore, a lot of these topics can be applied to a wide variety of groups. For example, there are books, articles, and other media resources available that could prove to be quite helpful when it comes to running a church administration group today. There are plenty of church groups out there that may be looking for help balancing financial resources, along with other church groups that might be wondering how they can use social media to better reach out to people in their communities. Additionally, there may still be other religious groups that are having a difficult time trying to figure out how they can make an impact in their local area. All of these topics are covered on the CRG.

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with asking for help, from time to time, as there are a lot of challenges that church administrators might find themselves facing today. Fortunately, however, there are also many people out there who are willing to lend a helping hand. It can be immensely helpful for everyone who occupies a position of leadership within a church to understand how they can take advantage of the internet to solve a lot of these problems. One of the best places to start is by checking out the resources available on the CRG.

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