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LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resources


17 Resources
Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault
A go-to resource for sexual assault response training, this organization provides information...
Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective
BEAM provides emotional health care, resources, and healing for Black communities.
Eskenazi Health Gender Health Program
This organization provides counseling and spiritual care services for older adolescent and...
Faith-Based Resources
This webpage from the LGBTQ Family Acceptance Project provides links to various faith-based...
Faith Communities and the Well-Being of LGBT Youth
This article, based on research findings, provides education about the increased risks of...
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The Summit Wellness Group's Top 61 BIPOC Addiction and Mental Health Resources
This webpage offers a curated list of top resources that support the mental health of the...
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Bailey, Marlon, PhD
Marlon M. Bailey is a Black queer theorist and critical/performance ethnographer who...
Pride Counseling
This website is a place to get matched to a licensed therapist for professional therapy for...
Pride Institute
This organization, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, specializes in helping LGBTQ+...
Call Blackline
This organization exists to provide private crisis counseling and witness listening for...
The Trevor Project
This organization's mission is to end suicide among LGBTQ young people.
Damien Center
This organization utilizes a one-stop-shop approach to caring for those affected by HIV and...
Indiana Youth Group's LGBTQ+ Competency Training
This organization revolves around building community, developing leadership qualities, and...
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Human Rights Campaign Faith Resources
This list of resources is a comprehensive web resource designed to ensure that all LGBTQ...
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Virtual Pastor Network
This online service connects people in need with a virtual pastor who is a faith leader for...
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Mental Health Resources to Support the LGBTQ+ Community
This article features a comprehensive list of resources for people in the LGBTQ community...
IU Health LGBTQ+ Virtual Health Care Conference (Annual)
This Conference is an annual three-day event designed for healthcare professionals,...
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