Giving a Life Meaning: How to Lead Funerals, Memorial Services, and Celebrations of Life

by Jon Swanson. Independent Publisher, February 2020.

This book provides practical tools for anyone leading a funeral service for the first time.


funeral terminology, service outline, sample messages and eulogies, ideas for difficult situations

Best For

anyone leading a funeral service for the first time, lay leaders, early career clergy, especially Christian


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Suggested Uses

  • Plan a last-minute funeral by using the service planning worksheet and referencing the sample messages.
  • Discuss the outline of a funeral with a grieving family so you can plan with their wishes in mind.

About the Contributor

Matt Burke
Matt Burke is the director of the Northeast Center for Congregations in Fort Wayne and serves as the Center’s Education Director statewide. Matt has a background in classroom, digital and experiential education. He is passionate about using education to develop deeper faith in congregational participants.
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