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Pastors Should Strive to Finish Sermons as Strongly as They Began Them
This column offers a reflection on why it is important to end a sermon as thoughtfully and deliberately as it is begun.
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12 Preaching Tips I Learned from Haddon Robinson
This resource offers a bite-sized tutorial on expository preaching.
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Recapturing the Voice of God: Shaping Sermons Like Scripture
This resource describes three genres found in the Bible and explains how to shape a sermon that honors each one's particular voice.
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Preaching Climate Justice
This article explains why climate change is a Gospel issue and offers suggestions for framing it as such in sermons, arguing that preachers have unique opportunities to reframe climate change as a moral issue.
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Preaching To A Multi-Generational Assembly
This resource offers an in-depth exploration of the challenge of preaching to multiple age groups, developing a model for making Catholic preaching more contextually relevant to an intergenerational audience.
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The Ten Commandments of iPad Preaching
Written by a pastor, this article offers suggestions for pastors considering using computer tablets during their sermons.
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Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism
This resource uses a two-fold approach to form the basis for a thoughtful and practical guide on ways to communicate the power of God in today's setting.
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Panel Discussion: Why is Preaching on Stewardship so Difficult?
This web resource offers a panel discussion by preachers, teachers and denominational leaders focusing on the financial aspect of stewardship because it is the area preachers report finding hardest to address.
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Ministry Matters
This website is a general purpose site containing dozens of articles and blogs on information such as preaching, teaching, worship, reaching, and leadership.
web resource
Enter the Bible
This web resource offers free study help curated by the professors at Luther Theological Seminary where readers can "enter" every book of the Old and New Testaments for summaries, outlines, theological themes and more.
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