Why UI/UX Matter for Your Church Website

by Kenny Jahng. church tech today, 5/12/21.


This article highlights the importance of websites for congregations and argues that websites need to provide a good UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience).


Analogy to understand bad website user interfaces and experiences; Explanation of how bad experiences lead to lower rankings in search engines; Ways to use data to track and improve your website.

Recommended Audience

Leaders involved in congregational website design, updating and monitoring. administrative or communications staff



Practical Applications

  • Read to understand the basics of user interface and user experience as they apply to your website.
  • Use this article to develop tools to track how user-friendly your website is.

About the Contributor

Matt Burke

Matt Burke is the director of the Northeast Center for Congregations in Fort Wayne and serves as the Center’s Education Director statewide. Matt has a background in classroom, digital and experiential education and most recently served as the associate director of Learning Science at Kaplan Test Prep. He is passionate about using education to develop deeper faith in congregational participants.

Matt earned a B.A. in Religion from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and a Masters of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelly, and his two sons, Silas and Levi. Matt also loves storytelling in films, books and music and finding the intersections of faith and popular culture.

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