More Information Technology
This company enhances worship production through remote videocamera and livestream support.
Technology and Distanced Worship Resources
This resource list provides basic training for worship technology and strategies to stay connected as a community.
Questions about How to Measure Online Attendance
This article covers simple engagement metrics for worship and advice to improve virtual interaction.
Best Practices for Posting Your Services to Social Media
This article provides steps to prevent copyright issues for online worship and streaming platforms.
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Web Design: Major Mistakes to Avoid

With new technology capabilities and software changes, congregations redesign their websites more than ever. Learn from these common mistakes before you invest time and money.

No congregation should build their own website.  
Any tech savvy person can build a website, but do-it-yourself sites often result in bad functionality and poor design. If you must build your site in-house, at the very least use a template-based website provider like Sharefaith (formerly E-zekiel), WordPress, Squarespace, or other template-based provider.

“Build it and they will come” is totally erroneous in the website world.
 If your congregation is building a website, you need to develop a communications strategy that includes marketing the website.

Technology is not the most important facet of developing a website.
Prioritize usability, layout and design instead.

Whatever length of time you think building a website will take, double it.
Planning and implementing a website takes far more time than anyone ever expects. 

If there’s a picture of your building on the front page of your website instead of pictures of people, do not pass go, do not collect $200, take the site down now!

I recommend looking at Church Tech Today. Church Tech’s bloggers will help you take a holistic approach to your online presence and find the right tools.

The Distanced Church: Reflections on Doing Church Online
This e-book compiles experiences, tips, and advice from faith leaders who adapted to online worship during COVID-19.
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Virtual Ministry Opportunities: Online Technology Resources
This resource page by The CME Church explains how and why to use online platforms during COVID-19 for streaming worship, online giving, and group meetings.
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Being the Virtual Church: Resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic
This hub of information from the Texas Methodist Foundation offers innovative ways to create community and be the virtual church during social isolation.
How to Reach and Engage your Congregation in a Digital World: The Pastor's Guide to Live Video Streaming
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Principles for Online Ritual Design
This practical guide helps congregants create their own sacred spaces and rituals from home or far away.
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This clearinghouse for virtual seders allows you to create your own or join another.
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