A Place of Encounter: Renewing Worship Spaces

by D. Foy Christopherson. Augsburg Fortress , 2004.
Large a place of encounter

Lutheran pastor and author D. Foy Christopherson’s experience and training on the relationship between worship goals and worship spaces inform this work. Christopherson believes there is a distinctive Lutheran theology that can be reflected in worship spaces and their accoutrements, which then influence what can be accomplished in the lives of believers. A foundational idea is worship space as that place where God is encountered, yet Christopherson also discusses worship space as sacred, formational, and evangelical. Practical tips for enlivening the worship space are peppered throughout. Suggestions include removing obstacles to unify the space and create openness, aligning adornments and liturgical seasons, and procuring images and art that reflect the message being sent. The appendices offer additional resources and invite readers to engage in intentional reflection about enhancing their worship experience. Christopherson's perspective is ecumenical; nevertheless, Lutherans will find themselves most at home with this resource.

Reviewed by Janet Hoover

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