Academy of Preachers Festival of Preaching

Academy of Preachers. (859) 533-9929. Accessed November 26, 2018.
Large academy of preachers

The Festival of Preaching is an ecumenical event for Christian teens and young adults who discern a call to preaching. Its purpose is to inspire, encourage, and equip a new generation of biblical preachers. Festivals are held annually in national and regional formats, both of which offer participants the opportunity to preach, receive feedback, connect with peers, and develop mentorships. The national Festival is a multi-day event featuring renowned plenary preachers, a Master Preaching class, and a concluding Covenant Service. It offers special programming for teens, age 14-18, and first-call preachers, age 29-35. Regional events are one-day versions that focus on preaching sessions and peer group “preaching circles” for prayer and encouragement. Festivals are open to all young preachers, and scholarships are available to help defray costs. The registration fee includes a one-year membership in the Academy of Preachers. Sermon videos and transcripts can be accessed through the website.

Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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