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Strategic Planning in Congregations
This practical article shares the insights of six congregations who hired strategic planning consultants.
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Working with Architects
Written by the resource experts at the Center for Congregations, this article details things to think about when engaging an architect.
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Why We Aren’t Learning
This article identifies four factors that keep congregational leaders from adapting.
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Why Changing Your Church’s Culture Rarely Works Out
This article reveals the pitfalls and errors that can be made when considering culture change in a congregational setting.
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Who Moved my Tabernacle? The Ruckus Over Renovation
This article details the stories of several Roman Catholic congregations during the renovation process of their respective facilities.
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Who Does What? A Guide to Design Professionals in Preservation
This article equips congregations to determine what type of building professional to hire after conducting a preliminary facilities assessment.
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What is the Missional Church? A Brief Introduction
This article describes a brief history of the missional church movement and discusses the rationale of authors and theologians who are proponents of the movement.
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What Makes a Good Bible Study? The Answer May Not Be What You Think
This article provides guidance for Bible study leaders looking for a study resource, challenging them to look for three primary characteristics.
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We Look for the Resurrection of the Dead
This article looks at the story of one church's closure and describes how signs of death and resurrection can co-exist simultaneously.
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