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"How are you Doing?" Assessing Your Congregation and Community During COVID-19
This article offers tools to connect and care for your community during the COVID-19 crisis.
COVID-19 Re-opening Guidelines: Temple Adath B'nai Israel
This comprehensive synagogue re-opening plan clearly communicates with congregants what to expect during each phase of Indiana’ s reopening.
Equitable Downsizing
This article shares considerations for downsizing congregational staff in equitable and compassionate ways to meet congregational needs during the financial challenges of COVID-19.
What is the Missional Church? A Brief Introduction
This article describes a brief history of the missional church movement and discusses the rationale of authors and theologians who are proponents of the movement.
The Ten Commandments of iPad Preaching
Written by a pastor, this article offers suggestions for pastors considering using computer tablets during their sermons.
Synagogue Inclusion Inventory & Focus Group Guidelines
This 11-page document gives leaders a process to assess their facility and conduct group interviews, evaluating the congregation's accessibility, policies, and awareness related to disabilities.
Renovation or New Construction: From Dreams to Planning to Committees
This 12-page guide breaks down the planning and building process into manageable steps.
Resource List for Online Church
Written during COVID-19, this succinct guide quickly empowers congregations to transition to online platforms.
Principles for Online Ritual Design
This practical guide helps congregants create their own sacred spaces and rituals from home or far away.
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