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Special Report: Building Conditions Surveys
This article written by a preservation specialist explains what a building conditions survey offers.
Record Keeping
This comprehensive article is a review on what constitutes as a church record, which records should be kept, and how to assure confidentiality.
Questions Your Church Should Answer Before People Return
This list of practical questions will help prepare staff and volunteers to reopen the congregation.
Questions to Ask
This article contains a list of church management software and congregational culture questions to help congregational leaders find the right ChMS system for their needs.
Elderly & Living Alone in Rural Mississippi
This article details the story of an elderly man as a case study of how family, friends, and the faith community can assure the well-being and independence of elders who live alone.
Ten Assumptions of Appreciative Inquiry
This article provides the basic values of Appreciative Inquiry.
Is Your Church Using Social Media the Right Way?
This short article offers three specific principles for attracting and engaging worshippers.
Levels of Conflict - Based on the work of Speed Leas
This article summarizes Speed Leas' work on the five levels of congregational conflict.
Knowing When to Re-evaluate Your Organizational Structure: Insights from Fast-Moving Churches on Where to Begin
This article studies examples of churches facing organizational staffing issues and how to make structural changes, specifically focusing on larger or multi-site congregations.
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