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Volunteering and Its Surprising Benefits: Helping Others While Helping Yourself
This resource describes the four benefits of volunteering, which range from the physical to mental.
Conflict Prevention and Mediation in the Jewish Tradition
This article provides an overview on conflict resolution and mediation in contemporary and traditional Jewish settings.
Avoiding Splits – Fighting Fair in Church: Guidelines for an Effective Church Peacemaking-Mediation Process
This article addresses the problem of church conflict and the lack of training for pastors to handle it.
Insights Into: Congregational Conflict
Part of a series produced by Faith Communities Today, this article analyzes the results of two surveys on the subject of congregational conflict.
How to Prevent and Resolve Congregational Conflict
This study-discussion guide provided by The Parish Paper offers solutions to internal conflicts and includes examples of how individuals can limit divisions.
For Young Jews, a Service Says, "Please, Do Text"
This newspaper article describes a Rosh Hashanah experience where texting is encouraged.
Preparing an Annual Congregational Plan Book
This article provides a template for an annual Congregational Plan Book.
11 High-Impact Planning Ideas for Senior Pastors
This blog provides innovative activities to clarify your congregation's strategy and vision.
Using the Resources of the Web to Research a Congregation
This article offers tips and tools to help a congregation better understand the needs of people inside the congregation and the outside community.
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