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Using the Resources of the Web to Research a Congregation
This article offers tips and tools to help a congregation better understand the needs of people inside the congregation and the outside community.
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Using Facilities Assessments: A Resource from the Center for Congregations
This brief guide gives readers an introduction to facilities assessment and addresses what to do with the completed assessment.
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Trauma Addiction: Safety and Stabilization for the Addicted Survivor of Trauma
Written by a licensed mental health counselor, this article outlines treatment options, tools for self-soothing, and skills for enhancing safety for individuals struggling with trauma and addiction.
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TIPS: Become a Welcoming Congregation
Written by the United Methodist Church, this article is designed to help congregations become more welcoming to their guests.
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Thinking of Forming a Non-Profit? What to Consider Before You Begin
This 25-page booklet reviews the questions to ask and steps to take before determining whether or not to start a nonprofit organization.
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'Thine of Thine Own': Orthodoxy and Ecology
This essay presents a spiritual framework for thought and action regarding climate change.
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The Ten Commandments of iPad Preaching
Written by a pastor, this article offers suggestions for pastors considering using computer tablets during their sermons.
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The Quick and Simple Congregational Asset-Mapping Experience
This article introduces asset mapping as a strategy that can have an immediate and powerful effect on the energy and enagement of your congregation.
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The Power and Promise of a Communications Audit
This article presents a simple, ten-step framework to guide congregations through an annual communications strategy audit.
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