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Carole Wills is a retired church musician and volunteer for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. She was a mental health advocate, educator, community organizer, and affiliate leader at the national, state and local levels. Her NAMI FaithNet work focused on equipping faith communities and faith leaders to welcome, support and include people living with serious mental health conditions.

Church Health Reader
The quarterly Church Health Reader recognizes the challenge of maintaining spiritual, emotional, physical and social well-being in a world of stress, violence, confusing value systems and social turmoil and offers practical, timely instruction and helpful options.
Anabaptist Disabilities Network
This organization provides online and print resources for those with disabilities and mental illness, as well as their families and congregations.
Ministry with Persons with Mental Illness and Their Families
Designed for clergy and lay caregivers, this resource takes an interdisciplinary approach to symptoms, treatment, and caregiving principles for those who live with mental illness.
Delight in Disorder: Ministry, Madness, Mission
This resource reveals one pastor's journey with bipolar illness in a manner that sheds hope and light through a collection of short essays, poems, and scripture.
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
This organization offers free mental health courses, support programs, and resources for individuals and families. They also have interfaith resources for congregational leaders.
Comfort My People - A Policy Statement on Serious Mental Illness with Study Guide
Written by the Advisory Committee on Social Witness of the Presbyterian Church, this study guide details 16 practical recommendations for ministry to and with people living with serious mental illnesses.
Grace for the Afflicted: A Clinical and Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness
This resource balances medical information and scriptural insights to help congregations minister effectively to individuals and families impacted by mental illness.
"Bleak picture" for Mentally Ill: 80% are Jobless
This news article is part of a series that explores the state of the mentally ill in America.
Pathways to Promise
This organization promotes faith-based ministries for people with mental illnesses and their families through educational and networking resources and increased awareness.
Jesus Wept: When Faith & Depression Meet
This resource uses real-life stories to shed light on the harmful assumptions surrounding depression while addressing real life issues like worry, numbness, despair, and relational difficulties.
Wounded Warrior, Wounded Home: Hope and Healing for Families Living with PTSD and TBI
Written by the wife of a wounded Navy Seal veteran, this resource weaves the author's experience with 25 other spouses to help military families address the challenges of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.
Anatomy of the Soul: Surprising Connections between Neuroscience and Spiritual Practices that Can Transform Your Life and Relationships
This book explores neuroscience and faith from the perspective of a Christian psychiatrist.
Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church's Mission
This resource challenges, today's Christian church to take seriously Jesus' teachings about serving the poor and alienated, especially those with mental illnesses.
Souls in the Hands of a Tender God: Stories of the Search for Home and Healing on the Streets
Based off the authors' experience as street chaplains in Seattle, this resource challenges stereotypes while demonstrating the value of genuine ministry among homeless men and women.
Wrestling with Our Inner Angels: Faith, Mental Illness, and the Journey to Wholeness
This book explores the link between spirituality and mental health recovery.
Fresh Hope: Living Well in Spite of a Mental Health Diagnosis
This workbook details a support group model for those diagnosed with bipolar disorder, combining medical information with scripture to pave the path towards healing.
Risking Connection in Faith Communities: A Training Curriculum for Faith Leaders Supporting Trauma Survivors
This training curriculum looks at the spiritual and psychological effects of trauma to help clergy support survivors and assist in the healing process.
Being Well When We're Ill: Wholeness and Hope in Spite of Infirmity
This book examines issues that arise for many who live with long-term illness.
Interfaith Network on Mental Illness
This organization provides resources for increasing awareness and understanding of mental illnesses among clergy and members of the faith community.
Mental Health Grace Alliance
This organization provides support groups, access to affordable recovery care, resources for family members, and other resources for those with mental illnesses.
Mental Health Ministries
This organization provides resources to help congregations become more caring and supportive of people and families living with mental illness, such as DVDs and downloadable resources.
web resource
Mental Health: A Guide for Faith Leaders
This web resource offers a professional yet succinct overview of mental health issues, written in lay language, and summarizes the basics about common mental illnesses, suicide, diagnosis, treatment, the connection between mental and physical conditions, recovery, wellness and building resilience while also addressing the many ways in which faith leaders can provide support for people with mental illnesses.
This organization addresses domestic human trafficking through clinical services, aftercare, awareness, outreach, and discipleship.
web resource
Is Your Congregation a Clergy Killer? How Church-goers Matter to the Mental Health of Pastors
This web resource includes a study of 1,500 ministers in the Duke Clergy Health Initiative Longitudinal Survey which revealed that 28 percent of ministers said "they had at one time been forced to leave their jobs because of personal attacks and criticism from a small fraction of their congregations", and offers suggested ways church-goers could contribute to the health and well-being of their minister.
Bipolar Faith: A Black Woman's Journey with Depression & Faith
Based off the author's experience living with depression and bipolar disorder, her story illustrates how hurtful and even dangerous uninformed assumptions about people with mood disorders are.
web resource
Faith.Hope.Life. Initiative
Faith.Hope.Life. is a suicide prevention web resource for all faith traditions, equipping them to focus one day or Sabbath each year on values common to most faith traditions: hope, community, reasons to live, the value of life and support. The website addresses challenging questions, support and how to respond to someone who may be suicidal.
Trauma Addiction: Safety and Stabilization for the Addicted Survivor of Trauma
Written by a licensed mental health counselor, this article outlines treatment options, tools for self-soothing, and skills for enhancing safety for individuals struggling with trauma and addiction.
This organization provides grief support groups and divorce support groups with videos and journal prompts for participants.
Healthy Minds
This series of 30-minute videos provides stimulating and relevant topics related to mental health through a series of perspectives.
Institute for Collective Trauma and Growth
This organization offers trauma education, advising, and coaching for congregations navigating disaster and tragedies.
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A New State of Mind - Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness
This hour-long documentary details the stories of everyday people while breaking through the silence, shame, and stigma related to mental illness.
web resource
Mental Health & The Church
Celebrate Recovery, developed by John Baker, Saddleback Minister of Celebrate Recovery, is now a nationwide recovery support curriculum, created after Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren and his wife, Kay, lost their son, Matthew, in 2013 to mental illness.
Study Finds Unique Positive Mental Health Factors for Clergy
This research article reveals factors unique to clergy positive mental health and how these can prevent psychological and physical illnesses.
Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps
This resource shares unconventional wisdom about spirituality and human behavior, looking specifically at the issues of addiction.
Fifteen Steps Out of Darkness: The Way of the Cross for People on the Journey of Mental Illness
This collection of 15 stories from a community health organization in Maryland describes examples of society stigma resulting in impactful experiences.
Increasing Wholeness: Jewish Wisdom and Guided Meditations to Strengthen and Calm Body, Heart, Mind and Soul
This book draws on Jewish wisdom and psychology to help readers achieve inner wholeness.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
This organization provides mental health resources to support people with addiction and mental health issues.
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
This organization provides a free suicide prevention lifeline that offers support for those in a suicide crisis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
web resource
Spirituality, Neuroplasticity and Personal Growth
This web resource, by Christian psychiatrist and author Curt Thompson, provides a YouTube lecture "Spirituality, Neuroplasticity and Personal Growth" which instructs the audience to explore relational and psychological problem solving from the perspective of recent findings in neuroscience.
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