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Children's Ministry Check-In and Check-Out Procedures
This article focuses on how to keep children safe while they are in church facilities.
Building the Church's Readiness for a Transformational Ministry Journey
This research-based article is a roadmap to transformative community ministry with seven readiness characteristics, action steps, and reflection questions.
Best Practices for Mosque and Community Safety
This article from the Council on American-Islamic Relations offers practical steps to protect mosques and religious organizations against acts of violence.
Avoiding All-Out Church War
This pack of eight articles educates readers about conflict and how to mitigate it in a congregation.
Anne Curley: Do the Right Thing
This website resource teaches lay leaders how to better handle a crisis and promotes collaboration between clergy and laity by providing reccommendations about appropriate channels and priorities of communication for disseminating information.
A Quick Guide for LGBTQ Inclusion
This guide for affirming congregations includes tips to create an inclusive community for LGBTQ people to feel "seen, heard and whole."
50 Ways to Welcome a New Pastor
Written by a United Methodist leader, this article offers 50 helpful actions that congregations can take to ease clergy leadership transitions.
5 Reasons People Volunteer
This article discusses five motivations people have for volunteering so that leaders can guide volunteers to a section of ministry that fits with their personal motivations.
15 Ways to Engage a Young Man's Faith
This article draws from a study and key findings to detail 15 ways congregations can reach young men and practical paths for effective ministry.
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