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Pope Francis Calls All Catholics to Evangelize
Written by a theology professor, this article reflects on evangelism, the role of the Christian with respect to evangelism, and the purpose of the church.
TIPS: Become a Welcoming Congregation
Written by the United Methodist Chuch, this article is designed to help congregations become more welcoming to their guests.
Running Church Meetings Skillfully and Carefully
This article offers practical suggestions to implement more productive meetings.
Money and Faith: William G. Enright and the Big American Taboo
This article teaches the redemptive link between faith and money, highlighting a philosophy of generosity from the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving and Rev. Dr. William Enright.
Planning and Leading a Miracle Sunday Campaign
This article provides guidance on how to plan a "Miracle Sunday," a special offering best suited to fund a special program or create a one-time income stream for a unique need.
How to Maximize Personnel Committee Effectiveness
This study guide from The Parish Paper offers a variety of practical helps relating to the work of the Personnel Committee.
Zeal for God's House: An Architect's Reflections on Sacred Space
Written by an architect, this reflective article asks questions about how God's presence is experienced and the purpose of a religious community's facilities.
Knowing When to Re-evaluate Your Organizational Structure: Insights from Fast-Moving Churches on Where to Begin
This article studies examples of churches facing organizational staffing issues and how to make structural changes, specifically focusing on larger or multi-site congregations.
Drumming in Worship: Experiencing God's Heartbeat
This article cites examples of churches that use drumming to build community.
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