Church Innovations Institute

Robbinsdale, MN. (763) 535-6814.
Large church innovations

Church Innovations Institute is a consulting and research group focused on questions of church culture. They provide a variety of services and resources for congregations who are concerned about a feeling that something is wrong or missing from their community life. They have a variety of models for consultation, which include processes for spiritual discernment, leadership development, reports on the current state of the congregation, and recommendations for change. They have online experiences and resources that help congregations to learn more about their culture, and several tools for change management, planning, and innovation. Their “Church FutureFinder” is “…an online tool and database for studying your church and community to help you discern God’s preferred and promised future for you.” This can be utilized in a limited form for free, and with customization of varying levels for a fee.

Curated by Melissa Spa

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