Evangelism Connections

Accessed November 30, 2017.
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Congregations interested in cultivating a greater sense of evangelical identity may find this ecumenical resource to be of help in the week-to-week consideration of outreach and sharing the gospel. From a mainline perspective, the diverse leaders who make up the Evangelism Connections advisory group prepare and disseminate a weekly “Evangelectionary” preaching and worship resource, available online or by email subscription. This weekly article shares recommendations for books, online resources, or other thought-provoking resources that might help congregations to consider their approach to evangelism more intentionally. This site addresses evangelism holistically, and articles are organized around themes of invitation, discipleship, hospitality, transformation, and mission. This breadth of theme means that there is likely to be something of interest to congregational leaders, regardless of how the members think about evangelism. With new content every week, this web resource can be used as a source of creative inspiration, as well as a lectionary help.