Evangelism Sunday Cultural Resources

by Paulette Thompson-Clinton. The African American Lectionary. Accessed April 14, 2017.

What are the unique challenges and opportunities in the African American faith community regarding questions of evangelism and outreach? Baptist pastor Paulette Thompson-Clinton addresses four questions related to evangelism: 1) Who is called to evangelize?; 2) To whom?; 3) How?; 4) What is the good news to be shared?. She speaks clearly about the need to meet people where they are, and the language of liberation as it relates to outreach and community. Before providing practical steps in evangelism ministry, including storytelling and music, Thompson-Clinton addresses two contemporary dynamics that relate to evangelism and African American congregations. First, she offers recommendations about the role of technology, particularly for millennials, and then she addresses the cross-cultural dynamics of evangelism between American and African contexts, and back again. This resource is an excellent starting point for congregations interested in the particular dynamic of evangelism within the African American community.