Four Ways Churches Break Attendance Barriers

Blog. Thom S. Rainer., June 19, 2013. Accessed June 26, 2019.
Large four ways attendance

They say if you aren’t increasing, then you are declining. This blog describes four ways congregations can break attendance barriers. Certainly, there is no magic solution. However, these four ways are closely associated with congregations that do experience increase in worship attendance. The four ways are: 1) create new groups, 2) create new worship services, 3) create new venues, and 4) have a major event. Rainer is the President and CEO of LifeWay Resources. Whether your attendance is stable at 50 or 5,000, it is worth considering Rainer’s four points. This blog could serve as a discussion starter for a program-based discussion. Consider his suggestions in terms of how good a fit any one of them might be for your congregation. Don’t embrace all four, but don’t negate all four either. Then, come up with one or two of your own.

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