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Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore: And How 4 Acts of Love Will Make Your Church Irresistible
This resource seeks to combat the decline of the American church by providing congregations with four acts of love that can make your church a positive place for people.
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Holy Currencies: 6 Blessings for Sustainable Missional Ministries
This book lists six congregational assets, also known as "currencies." By using gracious leadership, relationships, truth, wellness, money, time, and place, congregations are able to support the holy direction of people development.
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Real Good Church: How Our Church Came Back from the Dead, and Yours Can, Too
Written using the author's personal experience in renewing her church, this resource details her ten year journey and offers advice on how congregations can use similar strategies involving neighborhood outreach and internal growth.
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The Life Cycle and Stages of Congregational Development
This article presents a life cycle model that can help leaders understand their congregation's current life stage and anticipate inevitable transitions.
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Renewing the City: Reflections on Community Development and Urban Renewal
This resource retells the story of Nehemiah in the Bible to raise awareness about the dilemmas and complexities for those engaged in community development work.
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Divergent Church: The Bright Promise of Alternative Faith Communities
This resource explores the unique characteristics of divergent churches, examining the how and where they meet, what brings them together, and how their primary concerns shape the practices of the congregation.
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Congregational Consulting Group
This organization provides guidance on many topics related to congregational finance, operations and management through consulting and online resources.
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The Center for Parish Development
This organization provides resources and consulting to help congregations expand their missional work, and serve the world beyond their membership.
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National Congregations Study
This website for the National Congregations Study provides data and survey results that pertain to numerous congregational matters, such as age of senior clergy, styles of worship, number of teenagers active in congregational life, budget figures, number of staff and much more.
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Four Ways Churches Break Attendance Barriers
This web resource details four ways congregations can experience an increase in worship attendance.
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