Starting a Nonprofit: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Angelique O’Rourke. Palo Alto Software BPlans Blog. Accessed November 21, 2018.
Large starting a nonprofit

This article is a concise yet comprehensive overview of the steps to creating a successful nonprofit organization, from conducting a needs analysis to outlining a business plan. While the article addresses nonprofit organizations generically and does not specify religious nonprofits, the straightforward business approach will help congregations see at a glance what research and information-gathering needs to be done before starting a new organization. These include gathering data to demonstrate the need, identifying existing programs and organizations to avoid duplication, and determining funding sources and potential donors. Also addressed are the importance of logo development, marketing and social media, as well as the time required for incorporation. The author is direct about the amount of work required in starting a nonprofit organization, reminding readers that the demands parallel those of a for-profit small business. This short, straight-forward article will help anyone in the early stages of starting a new organization or spinning off an existing program into its own nonprofit organization.

Author Curated by Wendy McCormick

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