Missional Preaching: Engage, Embrace, Transform

by Al Tizon. Judson Press, 2012.

“The goal of missional preaching is teaching as if the world matters.” When professor, Al Tizon, couldn’t find a book for his students on missional preaching, he wrote one himself. According to Tizon, a veteran preacher and teacher, missional preaching assumes, first, that “mission is integral to the church’s identity” and, second, that “preaching plays a central role in shaping that identity”. He names 7 goals of missional preaching which provide a framework for identity formation. Each goal, for example, “Preaching for Whole Life Stewardship” and “Preaching for Alternative Community”, is discussed and illustrated with a sample sermon by a notable preacher such as Shane Clayburn or Ron Sider. The “What is Missional?” Sermon Evaluation Form offers a useful guide for self-monitoring. Leaders looking for practical guidance on forming missional community through the art and practice of preaching will find strong biblical, theological and liturgical support in this thoughtful text.