More Organizations
SamaraCare Consulting
This organization provides congregations with guidance and resources, such as educational events, resource consulting, coaching, clergy assessments, a Church Assessment Tool, and more.
Rural Home Missionary Association
This organization offers resources and trainings with the goal of planting and supporting churches in small-town America.
Reinventing Sunday
This organization offers numerous resources related to Taize worship, including workshops, retreat weekends, downloadable book chapters, and pilgrimages to Taize.
PovertyCure: From Aid to Enterprise
This network of organizations promotes solutions for poverty that empower poor communities and move beyond assistance.
Parish Evaluation Project (PEP)
This consulting organization provides a large variety of consulting services and is best known for the Parish Assessment and Renewal Process (PAR), a seventeen day assessment of all aspects of parish life leading to a strategic plan.
Mental Health Grace Alliance
This organization provides support groups, access to affordable recovery care, resources for family members, and other resources for those with mental illnesses.
This organization provides resources, including three short documentaries, for starting conversations within your congregation about discriminatory language against people of non-majority races, religions, sexual orientations, and socio-economic levels.
Lombard Mennonite Peace Center (LMPC)
This organization offers hands-on training clinics and onsite consulting for nonviolent conflict resolution and transformation.
Liturgy Training Publications
This organization offers publications that support active participation in the Sunday assembly, including an annual publication based on Sunday's scriptures, a book about home devotions and spiritual exercises, and a workbook.
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