Preaching and Stewardship: Proclaiming God's Invitation to Grow

by Craig A. Satterlee. Rowman & Littlefield, 2011.
Large preaching and stewardship

Not merely a book for preachers, Craig Satterlee has written a theological guide for thinking about raising money in the church. Structured around a series of questions to ask when preparing to preach about money and financial stewardship, this book can likewise be used to open conversation on these same topics. The three questions, deceptively simple, are: why should we give to the church, how should we do it, and how much? Satterlee encourages leaders by duly noting how much is at stake in asking these questions; it can feel as though the future of a congregation hinges upon the money raised in a stewardship season. By framing that significance positively, connecting growth in giving to personal and congregational spiritual development, Satterlee offers a practical theology of stewardship. Straightforward theological frames and practical tools for implementation can empower a congregation and its leaders to address the stress and anxiety of fundraising head-on.